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Reasons why people want their tattoos removed

Many clients of mine want their tattoos completely gone. There are various reasons for this but the main reasons that I come across include:

  • Removing the name of an ex-partner
  • The tattoo design not looking how they imagined it to.
  • The tattooist making a mistake on names, dates, spelling or design
  • Skin Ageing: As we age our skin can change and tattoos on areas of skin that have stretched or sagged may no longer look visually attractive
  • Tattoo Ageing: Sometimes older tattoos lose their impact due to skin changes and sun damage and the result can be a blurring effect on the original tattoo
  • The tattoo is causing difficulties at work – many people come to see me wanting their tattoo removed as if it is in a visible area, they can feel it can have a negative effect on how they are perceived at work and they feel it is affecting their career progression
  • The customer no longer likes the design of the tattoo – Many customers have tattoos that they had done at a relatively young age and they no longer like the design
  • Fashion – tattoo designs that were in fashion a few years ago no longer being desirable
  • Getting married – I treat many women who would like their tattoo removed before their big day
  • Amateur Tattoos – many people still have amateur tattoos that they want completely removed, as these have usually been done with amateur ink they are often very easy to remove.
  • To free up space for newer tattoos or to take out a piece within a larger tattoo. Our lasers are very precise so we can remove parts of a larger tattoo for you without removing the whole tattoo design.

Whatever your reason for wanting your tattoos removed, book a free consultation at FadeAway Laser Clinic for a confidential assessment of your tattoo.

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