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Tattoo removals and Tattoo faded downs

Laser Tattoo Removal at FadeAway

Many people have unwanted tattoos, or tattoos that they would like faded down in order to cover them up with a new design. At FadeAway we offer the latest laser technology for the fastest and safest removal of your unwanted tattoos. Our lasers utilise the latest in Q switched technology. This is the industry ‘Gold Standard’ and is the fastest, safest and most reliable method for tattoo removal.

Why book a Tattoo Fade down with FadeAway?

I am an experienced Laser Tattoo Removal Practicioner. I see a large number of people each week for both full tattoo removals and also tattoo fadedowns. I have completed the most up to date and advanced laser tattoo removal training available in the UK.

I work alone to keep costs down for customers but this often means that as I am very busy with clients I cannot always answer telephone or email enquiries during the working day but I always return calls and emails in the evening.

I have introduced an online booking system so that customers can choose convenient time slots for themselves. All questions you have will be fully answered during the free consultations and I can guarantee that you wont find more affordable laser tattoo removal for the quality that we offer.

View my online booking form to book a free consultation or take advantage of our amazing value tattoo removal sessions. Also view some of our other tattoo removal pages to see answers to the questions that I am most often asked by new clients. Thank you for visiting FadeAway Laser Clinic and I hope to see you soon.

Like to discuss Tattoo Removal treatments?

Call Laura on 02380 195081 or email enquiries@fadeawaylaserclinic.co.uk or click here use my contact form.

Before and After Treatments

Below we've provided examples of recent treatments including before and after images. Click on any image to view full screen.
Before and After Treatments

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