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Tattoo Removal Safety

I take your safety seriously. Even though laser tattoo removal is a relatively simple and fast procedure it should always be undertaken by someone with appropriate training as there have been instances of people having very cheap removals performed by untrained people or companies using sub standard equipment.

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Before starting a course of treatment I will always conduct a free of charge consultation so that I can:
  • Assess your tattoo, looking at the type of ink and the colours used, the age of the tattoo, any scarring you may have from the tattoo itself and look at the general condition of your skin.
  • Make sure that you have no medical conditions that would make our tattoo removal unsafe or ineffective for you.
    Explain the procedure to you, how the lasers work, the length of time treatment will take and to provide you with aftercare information.
  • Answer any questions that you may have about tattoo removal.
  • I can also perform a skin test at the time of consultation if you feel you would like to proceed with treatment. This enables me to tailor the settings correctly for you, and serves to ensure that you have no adverse reactions when a larger area is treated. It also often puts clients mind at ease as to how the laser tattoo removal treatment will feel and how quick it will be.

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