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  • Home - FadeAway Laser Clinic is based in Southampton, Hampshire and specialises in Laser Tattoo Removal, Hair Removal and Laser Lipo. We also offer a number of wonderful non invasive laser skin treatments designed to make you look younger and more refreshed. Our goal is to bring you the very best laser and light based treatments at prices that are truly affordable.

  • Find us - Located in Woolston, The Fadeaway Laser Clinic is just 15 minutes away from Southampton City centre. We are easily accessible by bus or train and there is plenty of 1 hour free parking directly outside the clinic, or a 5 hour free car park just behind.

  • Tattoo Removal - Many people have unwanted tattoos, or tattoos that they would like faded down in order to cover them up with a new design. At FadeAway we offer the latest laser technology for the fastest and safest removal of your unwanted tattoos.
    • How tattoo laser removal works - The FadeAway Laser Clinic is equiped with the the newest, most successful and safest method for tattoo removal and involves using Q Switched lasers.
    • Tattoo laser removal safety - I take your safety seriously. Even though laser tattoo removal is a relatively simple and fast procedure it should always be undertaken by someone with appropriate training as there have been instances of people having very cheap removals performed by untrained people or companies using sub standard equipment.
    • Complete tattoo removal - Whatever your reason for wanting your tattoos removed, book a free consultation at FadeAway Laser Clinic for a confidential assessment of your tattoo.
    • Tattoo Fadedowns - Some customers only require their tattoo's to be faded down so that they can have it covered up with a newer or larger design. I am happy to do this and it is up to you how many sessions you have until you are happy with the fadedown.
    • Tattoo removal process - Prior to any Laser Tattoo removal treatment you must attend a free consulation which also includes completion of a medical consultation form. During the consultation I will run through your medical history and talk you through the tattoo removal process.
    • Tattoo removal colours - Whilst successful tattoo removal is largely dependent on the laser used, other factors that affect the results include, the skill and experience of the operator, the condition and reaction of your skin and immune system and of course the colours of the tattoo.
    • How many sessions would I need - At FadeAway I use the latest laser technology so that you can be assured that you are getting the fastest removal possible but it is very difficult for me to give you an accurate assessment of how many sessions you will need.
    • Tattoo laser removal faqs - I provide answers to Laser Tattoo removal frequently asked questions including; Does Laser Tattoo removal hurt? How does the skin look after Laser Tattoo removal? Are there any side effects to Laser Tattoo removal?
    • Tattoo Laser Removal Prices - Laser tattoo removal prices.

  • Laser Hair Removal - Our Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system is one of the newest on the market and it combines RadioFrequency (RF) together with high powered IPL and a unique cooling system, so it allows us to deliver state of the art hair removal that has long lasting results and the treatment is virtually painfree.

  • Fat Loss Treatments - We offer two safe and effective Fat Loss Treatments Laser Lipo and Lipofirm Pro both provide inch loss, without the surgery, pain or the extensive recovery time.

  • Beauty Treatments - We provide a range of beauty treatments including lash lift & tint, threading, Eve Taylor Product Facial's, eye lashes and make up for occasions such as weddings proms and Halloween..

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