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Why will I need more than one IPL treatment?

Due to hair growing in different cycles, it is not possible for any laser or IPL hair removal system to target all the hairs in a single session. Multiple sessions means that all the hairs in different cycles can be targeted.

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How our IPL and RF Hair Removal Treatments works

  • The treatment area is shaved and gel applied
  • Skin pre-cooled by handpiece
  • A low pulse of light energy is delivered which has been chosen to be specifically absorbed by the hair, hair follicle and bulge
  • The light selectively warms but does not destroy the target hair, follicle and bulge
  • The bipolar RF current is delivered while the light is pulsing
  • The RF current is driven deep by the cooling as it flows through the tissue with a lower resistance
  • It will seek out the pre-warmed target of the hair, follicle and bulge
  • The hair absorption of the combined light energy plus the electrical energy is enough to destroy the follicle and bulge.
  • At the next session hairs that were not growing in the last session are targeted.

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